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To enable the uptake of green hydrogen we provide safe, lightweight, cost-effective pressure vessels

About us

CST Optimum is a world-leading supplier of certified composite overwrapped pressure vessels (COPVs) for use in the energy, transport, aerospace, and defence sectors. We are an international joint venture between CST Composites (Australia) and Optimum Composite Technologies (USA).

Using green hydrogen as a fuel reduces carbon emissions from key industries such as transportation, and those that cannot easily be electrified, including steel and cement production and aerospace.

Hydrogen truck

Example COPV for hydrogen (for illustrative purposes only)


CST Optimum is unique in that its in-house capabilities include the following.

Design and build winding machinery
Develop machinery software
Automated production line
Automated production line
Material selection & formulation
boss design
Polar Boss component manufacture design
Mould making
tool making
Tool making
COPV black

Our Pressure Vessels

To meet growing demand from energy, transport, aerospace, and defence sectors, we produce lightweight and robust COPVs for safe, cost-effective storage and transport of green hydrogen and other gases.

CST Optimum supplies various sizes of Type III and Type IV COPVs, with end-to end design, manufacture and certification undertaken in-house.

CST Optimum also develop certified, custom designed and manufactured COPVs to meet our customers’ desired specifications and application. Uses include medical, firefighting, SCBA and life support, and the storage of alternative fuels, hydrogen, compressed natural gas, and other gases.

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